Elizabeth Ann Richard

Elizabeth Ann Richard, aka Lisa Khoobyar, was born on 9/2/1979 in Fairfax, VA., the daughter of Kathleen (Kathleen Bavaar Cobb) and Charles Khoobyar.  She grew up in Burke, VA, attending Terra Center Elementary School, after which she briefly attended James W. Robinson, Jr. Secondary School in Fairfax. Due to the fallout of the tragic loss of her father in 1990, Lisa transferred into a county alternative high school. Lisa loved to sing, also acted, and played piano, carrying on the traditions of her mother, brother, sister, aunts, and award winning grandfather, Tony Bavaar.  She loved the theatre and opera as well.  Her favorite opera, La Boheme, was performed by her sister, Maria Khoobyar, in 2018, and that was one of the highlights of Lisa’s last eight months.  Lisa loved to travel, and most recently became quite the gardener.

Lisa worked at Graydon Manor in Leesburg, VA in the late 90’s as a psych tech.  Her ambition was to become a psychiatrist, having always had a passion for helping others.  Since she had suffered childhood trauma, and worked hard to overcome depression and anxiety, she wanted be a part of such healing for other troubled souls. 

While working at Graydon Manor, Lisa began experiencing debilitating spinal issues, so her plans changed and she enrolled in nursing school in southern VA.  Lisa’s spinal conditioned worsened and she confronted other serious health issues, ultimately causing her to become disabled by 2012. Her increasingly fragile physical health condition was compounded by her battle against depression.

On 5/3/2010 Lisa married Christopher Richard.  She is survived by two sons, Sebastian, and Elias, her husband, her mother, her step-father John Edward Cobb, her brother, Joseph Khoobyar, her sister, Maria Annette Khoobyar, her grandmother Ann Varrone, and many loving aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

It is the wish of those closest to Lisa that she be remembered not for her struggles but for her gifts: her beauty, her infectious laugh, her silliness and ability to poke fun at herself, her enthusiasm, her deep and abiding love for her children, family, and friends, along with her determination to love others completely and unconditionally.

Lisa was laid to rest at the Historic Catholic Church, St. Mary of Sorrows’ cemetery on 7/23/2019 in Fairfax, VA by immediate family, friends and neighbors. Those who may wish to remember Lisa in a special way may adorn her grave site with flowers. If so, please visit the FaceBook page of Kathleen Bavaar for up and coming news of her gravestone placement ceremony which will take place in the spring of 2020.  Those wishing to honor Lisa’s memory are invited to participate in the crowd funding of Lisa’s funeral, memorial service, and the cost of Lisa’s headstone on Facebook as well.