Cremation Planning in Virginia

How to Plan a Cremation Service

Losing a loved one is never easy, but planning a dignified and poignant VA cremation service is one way to not only pay honor to the life that has passed but also take some critical steps along the path of grief. The following can help you with cremation planning in Virginia, allowing you to hold a service that can reflect on the life that has departed:

When you do cremation planning, it is important to take into consideration the story of your loved one’s life. Perhaps you can create a poster that will depict their journey. You can also include images from their childhood, teen years, and any other era of importance. Whether you want to highlight achievements or simply move along chronologically, you can give everyone attending the VA cremation service greater insight to the life as a whole.

Choose a few select people who are willing and able to deliver some words about the deceased. Perhaps you’ll want to have their children, parents, or siblings tell a few stories with their favorite memories. If the person who has passed was in the military or had a particularly illustrious career, it might be nice to have those close to him or her in this capacity share their thoughts.

Cremation planning also includes choosing the appropriate music. Whether you just want some background music playing softly at the VA cremation service or you plan to have a formal prayer service, you’ll want to take special care in choosing the music. From selecting favorites of the deceased to finding solemn hymns or lilting instrumentals that provide a calming backdrop to the socializing, it is important to set the right tone that will make up a good part of the time.

Consider some ceremonial aspects when you do cremation planning. Certainly, there will be the aforementioned socializing, and you may have asked a friend or family member to speak, but there is something about a ceremony that many people find comforting. If the deceased was religious, consider a prayer service. If they were a nature lover, perhaps you can select a poem to be read at the VA cremation ceremony. It may be nice also for the family, then, to have a period of informal sharing, followed by a ceremony, then knowing the service is over.

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