A Comprehensive Guide on Selecting Cremation Urns

By: Jacklyn Hutchens
Monday, July 13, 2020

Passing away is an inevitable part of life; that’s why the specifics of a funeral shouldn’t stress out your already grieving heart. If you or your loved ones forgo a traditional burial, you might need to choose from a wide selection of cremation urns available in the market. Here are three things you should consider:

The Final Resting Place

Selecting the right urn depends on the final resting place of their remains. The appropriate material for it would be based on whether you plan to scatter all the ashes in a special place, bring it home and keep it with you, or place it in a columbarium. Urns can be made out of wood, ceramic, glass, porcelain, marble, copper, bronze, and more. 

Generally, more economical materials are perfect for temporarily holding the ashes if you plan on scattering or burying the ashes. Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing materials are the best choice if you plan to keep the cremated remains at home or in a columbarium.

The Appropriate Size

The best way you could determine what urn size is needed is to consult the funeral home, as cremated remains can vastly vary in weight, requiring more or less capacity in an urn. Columbaria can also have restrictions when it comes to sizes, so it’s best to take note of those specific regulations while planning a cremation in Stephens City, Virginia.

Honoring Their Memory

Urns come in different shapes, styles, and materials; this means you can get one that could also represent the departed’s memory. You can personalize the urn with engraved symbols, significant words and phrases, and artworks. Some urns even have placeholders for photographs.

You can keep their memory alive through little things such as a design that suits the departed’s personal style or demeanor when they were still around.

Guiding You Through Cremation Planning

We understand that selecting an urn can be an emotional decision. That’s why at Direct Cremation Services of Virginia, we can guide you in choosing the right one from our wide array of cremation urns. Reach out to us for inquiries.

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