Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

By: Jacklyn Hutchens
Monday, August 30, 2021

Without a doubt, moving on to the next life is one life event that is bound to happen to everyone. However, it’s still something that we need to plan. Now, there are benefits for pre-planning a funeral in advance. The main advantage here is that you get to choose what kind of funeral you want instead of letting someone else decide.

Pre-planning can help you save money for your funeral by giving yourself a set budget and sticking to it. In this way, you will get to decide what kind of service you want instead of making unnecessary and emotional purchases.

When you plan for a funeral, you might come across a few terms that fit your choices best. A pre-need funeral plan is simply paying a funeral product or service in advance. Almost all funeral services offer pre-need funeral services in Chantilly, Virginia

Pre-planning on the other hand, is deciding what products you like, picking the burial you want, and what kind of ceremony you prefer. There is no payment involved when pre-planning for a funeral.

There are a lot of benefits when setting up your own funeral preparations. We have listed a few below:

Ensuring That Your Wishes Are Met

A lot of people have ideas about what they would like done when their time comes. Whether you feel like a burial is more important for your religious beliefs, or having a lively affair to celebrate your life, a pre-planned funeral will help insure that all your wishes are met when you move on to the next life. This can provide comfort in your final days.

It Reduces Stress to Your Family

When a friend, family member, or loved one passes away, sadness and grief makes even the simplest task difficult. Funerals tend to be planned immediately after someone has passed. This makes family members dive into immediately planning for a big event and making financial decisions while dealing with enormous grief.

The more you time you give when planning for a funeral, the easier it will be for people around you to execute your instructions. Instead of them trying to choose a casket, they will have more time support each other.

Choosing the Way You Will Be Remembered

Most people haven’t given any thought on how they want to be remembered. Maybe you were in the military and had a long career there, or maybe you’re an animal lover who would like to encourage donations to your local humane society in your memory. Regardless of what happens, pre-planning your funeral will help give your family members an idea on how you want your life to be celebrated.

Preventing Family Conflict

If you pass unexpectedly and you didn’t work on your funeral wishes, your family will be left to guess what kind of burial you would have wanted. If two family members disagree with one another, tensions might rise during the funeral planning process. So, each decision that you make in advance, will lessen the possibility of family tension.

Encourages Meaningful Conversations With Your Family

Talking to your family about death is certainly uncomfortable. However, a lot of people find out that this topic opens up meaningful conversations with your family. Most of the time, people want to talk about moving on to the next life but don’t know how to bring it up. When you open this door, you may find out that your family members are thinking the same thing and they also want to share their thoughts.

You Will Be Financially Prepared

Funerals are expensive, inflation drives the prices up on funeral services each year. A basic cremation and small service can still cost you a boat load of money. By preparing for your funeral in advance you will have a chance to save up on expenses when you move on to the next life. You will also be able to determine how everything will cost and plan on how to pay for it.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

All of the planning and arrangements are done and will be carried out just the way you like it. You and your family will feel comfort knowing that although you won’t need the plans for the following years, you have taken care of moving on to the next life. There is peace and assurance knowing that what you requested and what you want will happen according to your wishes.

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