Five Alternative Ways You Can Do With Your Loved Ones' Cremains

By: Jacklyn Hutchens
Tuesday, May 25, 2021

If your loved one wishes to be cremated, you might want to consider alternative methods of memorialization. Here are five creative options to commemorate your deceased loved ones with a product aligned with their personality, interests, and values.

1. Transform Them Into Stones

Instead of placing the cremains in an urn, you can now transform your loved one's ashes into a collection of clean, smooth, and solid cremation stones. On average, adult ashes can become around 25-35 stones, allowing you and the rest of your family and friends to have a piece of your loved one that can be kept without worry.

2. Plant Them as a Tree

The cremains of your loved ones can be placed in an urn and then planted in the ground where you can grow beautiful trees. This is a lovely idea that combines their internment with the eco-friendly process of supporting a new life in the form of a tree.

3. Turn Them Into a Tune

If your loved one was an avid fan of music, some companies could incorporate their ashes into a vinyl record. You supply the voice recording or music and cover image, and the company creates a memorial that you can listen to for years to come.

4.  Turn Them Into a Tattoo

This is one of the ways of keeping your deceased loved one close to you. You can work with a tattoo artist to mix in their ashes with ink and create a memorial tattoo on your skin that can last a lifetime.

5. Create Jewelry With Their Ashes

You can place a small amount of the cremains into jewelry. It can be a locket on a necklace or a charm on a bracelet. Wearing a piece of remembrance jewelry can help you cope with the loss through the comfort of always having a tiny bit of them on your person.


Helping You Commemorate Your Deceased Loved One

At Direct Cremation Services of Virginia, we provide alternative ways to help you commemorate your deceased loved ones. You may consider smooth and polished cremation stones made from ashes or jewelry with a small amount of cremains inside. Reach out to us for more information.


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