Cremation Questions

The Cremation Process in Virginia

When you’ve lost a loved one, and choose to have their remains cremated, thinking about the details of the cremation process can be overwhelming. But, cremation services can be not only an affordable alternative to embalming and burial but may be preferred for a variety of reasons.

There's no need to worry once you know more about the process. And rest assured, that at Direct Cremation Services of Virginia, we adhere to the highest standards of care and compassion for the deceased.

What is Cremation?
The definition of cremation is the reduction of the human body to bone fragments using heat and flames. A cremation ceremony or service is often planned by the surviving friends and family. Cremation of a body typically takes about two to three hours at temperatures of 1500 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
What Happens to the Remains?
The brittle bone fragments and metal items that are left after the cremation are swept into a stainless steel cooling pan and any remaining unconsumed items are separated using a strong magnet and a visual inspection. This might include metal from clothing, surgical materials, or bridge work. Any remaining bone fragments are processed to be more of an ash and intermixed with the cremains. The cremains are then placed in a temporary urn. As part of preparing an affordable cremation process in Stephen City, Virginia (and Chantilly), you can select a special urn in which to keep your loved one’s ashes. You can easily find both full size and smaller keepsake urns online. Your options may include brass or wooden urns that are engraved, or you can opt for scattering tubes or biodegradable urns. This decision may largely rest on what the family has planned for the remains and the cremation ceremony.
Easing Other Concerns
Some people worry that when they choose affordable cremation services, there may be a chance that remains are mixed up or not handled with the utmost respect. First, there are legal requirements for cremation dictating that only one body may be cremated at a time and that proper care is prescribed. Secondly, our affordable cremation services have the option of a family viewing during the cremation, which is preferred by some families. Our excellent standards of care for your loved one will ensure that certified professionals are handling the cremation and that our process mitigates the potential for any human error.

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