Required Cremation Forms

At-Need Forms:

Please complete the forms below if a death has occured or you expect that it will within a few days or up to a week from now. Below are the required forms and authorizations that we need to expedite your requested cremation service. All four (4) forms are REQUIRED. Please print and complete each to the best of your ability.

If you have ANY questions regarding the completion of any forms or requirements, please do not hesitate to call us at (703) 634-7966.

Please FAX the completed forms to us at (703) 677-8745.

Please fill out the forms in their entirety.

Cremation Identification
Cremation Authorization Form
Authorization for Release of Human Remains
Death Certificate Information

Pre-Need Forms:

Please complete the forms below for preplanned or pre-need cremation arrangements. Please use the forms below if you would like to place funds aside for someone that may have months or years before they will need our services. Pre-need funds will be placed in a policy with Homesteaders Life Company for the benefit of the insured at the time of passing.

All three (3) forms including the Pre-Need Disclosures form must be completed. The Acknowledgment form allows Direct Cremation Services of Virginia to place funds in a policy on your behalf.

When the death occures we will need to have an Authorization for Cremation completed and an identification performed by the next-of-kin before we can move forward with the cremation of your remains.

If you wish to have one designated person carry out the authorizations for cremation services you will need to complete the Designee form. This form will limit authority to the person you identify in the form only.

Pre-Need Vital Statistics Information
Pre-Need Disclosures
Pre-Need Acknowledgement Form
Designee Agreement for Carrying Out Pre Need Arrangements