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WE chose Direct Cremation Services of Virginia to handle all of my Mother's passings/death/visitations/full body funeral services at our Church, then cremation and preparation for final increment at Arlington Cemetery with my Father. When my Mother Passed on a Sunday 1:50PM there was an employee on call to get her and as we requested, please not to rush getting her so we could spend time with her after passing in her Bedroom. He was very nice, respectful, well dressed and professional when picking up Moms body and taking her from the Nursing home to their Chantilly facility. Then I was contacted by Jordan Wince, the Funeral Director.

Since I spoke and met with him he was so helpful, personable, kind, understanding, more of a good friend than anything. I requested him to handle everything and he accepted. He was so understanding with fulfilling all of our plans, visitations, full body Church services and offered us many options along with his opinions when I asked. He was early arriving the Church visitation and services and took charge with entire process. I came a few minutes after he arrived and he even offered to tie my tie for me and did. He is a very pleasant 100% quinine young man. I would definitely recommend Jordan and his Funeral Service Company and planning. Thanks so much Jordan, during that very difficult time of Mom's passing you were truly awesome from start to final.

-Dean Zeller 

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Everything was successfully arranged by email, where Jordan provided fast but caring help, which continued with our in-person meeting for the family viewing. I was also impressed by the receptionist Sarah, who was extremely nice and thoughtful. The facility was first class, and reflected a quiet dignity, so overall I could not be more pleased!

-Bruce Buckley 

Amazing. They were professional, always there and extremely responsive.  I dealt mostly with Jordan, he was a rockstar.  Professional, courteous, and always available.  If there was a 6th star, I'd give it to them.

-Kekoa LumHo

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My mom's wishes were simple and direct: she wanted to be cremated without a fuss, and then her ashes taken to her favorite beach.

I researched a number of crematories from a list given to me by Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads, and selected the cheapest venue. Called them and didn't like the vibe.

Next cheapest was Direct Cremation Services. What a difference. They were warm and professional on the phone without being smarmy. You know the kind. They worked seamlessly with Goodwin House to transfer Mom to the crematory. I came by a few days later and sat with a really professional employee who was reassuring, and even a little funny, in an appropriate way. We even hugged at the conclusion of the transaction.

Took the "Box of Mom" through the airport, and to the beach. There were no problems with TSA. Mom made it to her final resting place on what would have been her birthday. Direct Cremation Services made this all happen, and at a very reasonable price.


-Jamie Roberson 

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My brother's transport and cremation was handled very professionally, compassionately, and competently by Kip. I am incorporating this company into my own estate planning to transport and cremate my remains when I pass away. When someone you love dies it's overwhelming and Kip seemed to know this. he made everything simple and easy when I needed it so much. Thank you, Kip.

-Mark J. 

When our Dad passed away, we were looking into cremation services that were affordable. Not only was Direct Cremation Services of Virginia affordable, their service was excellent. JR walked us through the process, was attentive, responsive and sympathetic. He delivered my Dad's urn to our door step along with the death certificates instead of asking us to come pick it up. I would highly recommend Direct Cremation Services of Virginia. They were excellent.

-Yann Phung 

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Thanks for everything....as hard as it was, you were amazing and very sympathetic when I picked up my father's ashes. I can't thank you enough.

resa Beamer 

Very satisfied.  Professional effort from start to finish.  On time as promised.  Highly recommend

-William Haupt

I talked to Kip many times on the phone and he and Sarah were awesome: always professional and patient.

-Rebecca Caldwell 

Outstanding Care from the Best People on the planet!   These folks get it- they really understand what you need when you have lost a loved one and they step in and do an excellent job.  Highly Recommended!

-Bruce Brownson

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My parents moved from Florida, where they had made burial plans, to a skilled nursing facility in Leesburg, VA, where my sisters and I had no specific plan for their burial.  My dad wanted to be cremated, and the facility gave us a few companies to check but we hadn’t done so before he died from complications of Alzheimer’s.  Early the morning of his death, the facility wanted to know where to send the body.  I contacted Direct Cremation at 5:00 am and within an hour they had moved my dad and assured me someone would contact me with all the necessary paperwork.  They carefully explained the process, allowed me to complete everything online, and posted on their website the obituary my sister had prepared.  My mother, who is still living, said she wants her remains to be buried along with my dad.  Direct Cremation was a great comfort to my family, and I have confidence they will be so again when the time comes.

Nancy Etkin

Arlington, Virginia