Virginia Cremation Services & Cremation Ceremony Planning

When a loved one passes away, family and friends often come together to share in one another’s grief. After you’ve secured the appropriate Virginia cremation services to handle the body, you’ll have some other decisions to make. For instance, you’ll need to decide what to do with the ashes. A professional Virginia cremation services provider will help you select an urn if you are choosing to keep the ashes in an honored place in your home. They can also assist with determining a location and a time to scatter the ashes. A third alternative is to have the ashes buried in a vault or biodegradable urn.

Once you’ve worked with your Virginia cremation services provider to ensure the body of your loved one has been respectfully cared for and prepared, you’ll likely want to host some kind of ceremony or memorial service. 

Here are some initial things to consider:

Will you have a short service for close friends and family only? Or will you open it up to the larger community? This should largely be based on how you might imagine the deceased would want it. For example, if they were very active in their church and had many friends, you may want to prepare and plan for a larger scale service; conversely, if the loved one was very private and introverted, a more intimate gathering would be best.

What will set the tone of the ceremony? Was the deceased religious? If so, you’ll likely want to have a mass, prayer service, or something that aligns with their faith. If preferred, you can also have loved ones speak on behalf of the deceased, tell poignant stories, or read pertinent poems. Another great addition to the ceremony will be music. Whether or not the person who has passed was a music lover, adding an instrumental or a simple tune will enhance the ceremony and give people the time and space they need for private thoughts and prayers.

There is, naturally, a social component to the cremation ceremony. Even if you have a very small group in attendance, you may want to host a luncheon after the ceremonial portion. Cremation ceremonies that have more attendees can often turn into potlucks at the home of a family member or at a local facility.

The best tip for the cremation ceremony is to give honor to the loved one who has passed. This will help you take the first important step in finding peace and you can take comfort in knowing that you have said goodbye with dignity and grace. Direct Cremation Services of Virginia can help you by providing the professional Virginia cremation services you need.