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Saying goodbye is hard. It does not have to complicated and costly. The caring staff at Direct Cremation Services of is here to make navigating this difficult time as comfortable as possible. Let us help you.

Above, you will find a review of our affordable cremation options, as well as additional cremation package details. Please take a moment to review them; and contact us at (703) 584-4927 if you have any questions, including the cost of cremation. A general, affordable cremation price list is also available.

Direct Cremation Services Of Virginia will handle the cremation process in a caring and professional manor.

Our Caring Direct Cremation Package will provide a dignified cremation and return the cremated remains to you within 8-10 days.

We will obtain the Medical Examiners Authorization from the appropriate state (see options above).

The ALTERNATIVE CONTAINER is the container in which the human remains will be placed for the cremation process itself, in accordance with Virginia Regulation 18VAC65-20-436. Standards for registered crematories...

We offer several affordably priced optional services.

In this package you will receive the following INCLUDED services...

  • Transfer of remains to Direct Cremation Services of Virginia (within a 35mile radius)
  • Basic services of a funeral director and staff
  • Obtaining the death certificate and certified copies
  • Obtaining the medical examiners cremation certificate
  • Photo Identification via the internet
  • Alternative Container
  • Professional cremation
  • Hand delivery of cremains within 8-10 days to your home (in VA within a 25mile radius)
  • Online memorial obituary

Required additional items

A Medical Examiners Authorization for Cremation is required prior to performing a cremation by Direct Cremation Services. Only the charges incurred as established by each state are added to your package price. These charges are determined by the governing regulatory body in the state where the decedent passed. Please choose the decedents place of death to add the appropriate charges to your package.

There are several entities that you may need to provide a certified Death Certificate in order to settle the affairs of your loved one. We provide additional certified copies of Death Certificates as a convenience to our clients at cost. Click here for a list of institutions that typically require a Death Certificate to settle accounts.

  • Medical Examiners Fee for state of passing ($50 VA & WV $0 MD)
  • Certified copies of Death Certificate Per copy ($12 VA $32 for the first and $20 for each additional MD $12 WV $18 DC)

Optional Services Include (Select from below)

  • Expedited Cremation (5 days add $195)
  • Rush Cremation (72 hours add $295)
  • Family Identification Viewing (M-F/9-5 add $195)
  • A memorial service or graveside service at your location (add $425)
  • Unattended Coastal Scattering of cremains (add $250)
  • Packaging and mailing cremains (add $125)

Why people choose cremation:

  • In the United States, in 1972, only five percent chose cremation. That number had quintupled by 1999, with over 25% choosing cremation.
  • The Cremation Association of North America predicts that by 2017, that figure will rise to 48.8% and by 2025 it is expected to be 56%.
  • In Canada, the rate is already over 42%; in Great Britain, 71%; and over 98% in Japan.
  • Those who choose cremation (for themselves or others) often hold the belief that it is better to honor the memory of the person, not the dead body.

Required Cremation Forms

At Need Forms:

Please complete the forms below if a death has occured or you expect that it will within a few days or up to a week from now. Below are the required forms and authorizations that we need to expedite your requested cremation service. All four (4) forms are REQUIRED. Please print and complete each to the best of your ability.

If you have ANY questions regarding the completion of any forms or requirements, please do not hesitate to call us at (703) 634-7966.

Please FAX the completed forms to us at (703) 677-8745.

Please fill out the forms in their entirety.

PreNeed Forms:

Pleasae complete the forms below for preplanned or preneed cremation arrangements. Please use the forms below if you would like to place funds asside for someone that may have months or years before they will need our services. Preneed funds will be placed in a policy with Homesteaders Life Company for the benifit of the insured at the time of passing.

All three (3) forms including the Pre-Need Disclosures form must be completed. The Acknowledgment form allows Direct Cremation Services of Virginia to place funds in a policy on your behalf.

When the death occures we will need to have an Authorization for Cremation completed and an identification performed by the next-of-kin before we can move forward with the cremation of your remains.

If you wish to have one designated person carry out the authorizations for cremation services you will need to complete the Designee form. This form will limit authority to the person you identify in the form only.

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