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About Us

Direct Cremation Services of Virginia

Location: Cremation Services of Virginia
4425 Brookfield Corporate Drive Suite 100
Chantilly, Virginia 20151
Phone: 703-584-4927
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At Direct Cremation Services of Virginia we are not like traditional funeral homes that have large facilities, a fleet of cars, and many staff members. The cost of these extra services are passed on to every customer even if you don't use these benefits.

Our focus is on Simple Direct Cremations. By eliminating the extras we significantly reduce our operating expenses. This allows us to offer you reasonable pricing for our services that traditional funeral homes simply cannot compete with.

Direct Cremation Services of Virginia is Virginia's trusted, family-owned cremation provider that strives to provide affordable and caring cremation services to the many Virginia families who prefer a simple yet dignified cremation option. We are Virginia licensed funeral directors with over 35 years of experience serving Northern Virginia families. We operate our own crematory which means that your loved one always remains in our care.

Often life delivers challenges, such as the death of a loved one. Direct Cremation Services of Virginia has designed an "Affordable Online Funeral Arrangement Option" for families; created to reduce the stress of making final arrangements while providing caring and dignified services. At Direct Cremation Services of Virginia we follow a strict policies with each cremation.

Cremation Services of Virginia's Cremation Identification Procedure

  1. We will place an ankle bracelet with the deceased's name that will stay with the deceased through the cremation process.
  2. Virginia Law requires that the deceased is placed in a cremation container and the person's name to be written directly on the outside of the container.
  3. The next-of-kin will sign the authorization for cremation giving permission to move forward with the cremation and verifying the death of their loved one.
  4. Cremation Services of Virginia will provide a head shot photograph of the deceased electronically for final identification if the family is not present at the time of removal.
  5. Death Certificate will be processed by Cremation Services of Virginia and taken to the certifying physician for a cause of death and signature. In Virginia copies may be obtained for the family once the certificate has been filed with the local county of death health department.
  6. In Virginia the county medical examiner performs an external examination to verify cause of death. If cause is questioned medical examiner may require an autopsy or investigation. Medical Examiners Cremation Permit is issued.
  7. When the family's authorization, identification, death certificate and medical examiners authorization all have been obtained we may move forward with cremation.
  8. The cremation is recorded in the cremation log book. The name of the deceased, date, time started and operator's name is recorded. All paper work obtained is attached to the outside of the cremation chamber during the cremation process.
  9. Immediately following the completion of the cremation the cremated remains are placed in an urn with the deceased's name labeled on the bottom.
  10. The cremated remains are to be returned to the family. Family must show picture I.D. and sign a release stating that they are taking custody of the cremated remains.